Kasy Custom Accents
Custom pillow in pink gingham with heart and name embroidery with eyelet trim
Applique Elephant pillow with name, rick rack and calico border
Simple name pillow with cording in calico prin
Applique teddy on gingham pillow ready for name
Calico and rick rack pillow with all star kid motif and name embroidery
Child's applique monogram pillow in calico with narrow ruffle border
Elegant Heart  and name embroidery pillow with two borders, quilting stitches and eyelet ruffle
Gingham pillow with rocking horse motif and name embroidery
Green gingham pillow with bear and blocks motif and name embroidery
My three sons pillow with names, sports motif and 3 names embroidery
Pink gingham pillow with buggy motif and name embroidery with eyelet ruffle.
Puddle Duckie pillow in yellow gingham with white eyelet ruffle
Raggedy Ann and Andy  embroidered pillow in calico with eyelet ruffle and ready for name.
Simple monogram pillow on pink calico with ruffle border.
Teddy bunny motif embroidery on calico with special personalization and double border
Pillow in green gingham with baby buggy motif  and name embroidery with eyelet ruffle
Baby pillow with name and doll motif embroidery in pink calico with eyelet ruffle
Heirloon-French sewn Envelope pillow-silk ribbon French cotton laces, Swiss entredeux
Pink Gingham and Eyelet Ruffle Baby Pillowwith buggy and name embroidery motifs
Daddy and Baby Ducks Quilt Square. Daddy and Me
Two color border- Ornate embroidered heart pillow with name and eyelet ruffle.
Embroidered  pillow with fancy heart and name quilted in gingham with eyelet ruffle
Toile pillow with name and gathered ruffle
Embroidered pillow with fancy heart and child's name
Custom pillow with embroidery and name, fabrics and trim to match room decor
Embroidered pillow embellished with name, floral heart, and butterflies. Eyelet ruffle.
W- Embroidered name pillow with fancy heart motif
W- Baby pillow with cording and rick rack trim embroidered with a rocking horse and child's name
W- Embroidered Name pillow with ornate heart, eyelet ruffle trim
W- Meet the owl family-Washable pillows in the shape of an owl
W- Owl pillow with embroidery
W- Pillow embellished with name and embroidery
Name pillow with fancy heart and name
Fancy Heart name pillow