Kasy Custom Accents
Tote bag with going fishing motif
Soft Teddy Bear with baby's name and double heart embroidery
Small Tote Bag embellished with fringe trim, name and embroidery
Felted Wool Easter Bunny Basket
Clara Bear embroidered with too cute hearts
Ruthie Bear with So Sweet embroidery hearts
Tiny bag purse (front) with twirly girly embellishment.
Tiny Bag purse (back) with Ballet girl embellishment
Embroidered Chalk Board placemats with traceable names.
Embroidered chalk board placement with chalk pocket
Doll cradle ruffled pillow and mat with double embroidered hearts and name
Doll blanket embroidered with
Small tote bag with applique name and ribbon trim
Small tote bag with hemstitched heart and ribbon trim (back of bag)
Teddy bear with applique wagon and name on the tummy
Fun felt play cookies in gingerbread and sugar cookie designs
Applique Red Cross aprons for
Set with apron and cupcake applique, Play pot holder and four stuffed and frosted felt play food cookies
Gingerbread set including kids apron with applique, coordinating fabric pocket and pot holder, and four stuffed felt gingerbread kids play food cookies
Pot holder and four stuffed and frosted play food cookies
Pot holder and four stuffed and frosted gingerbread kids play food cookies
Chalkboard travel bag-Pocket side-holding clip board and tablet
Chalkboard travel bag-chalkboard side with cover closed
Chalkboard travel bag- with cover up so chalkboard is visible
Chalkboard travel bag items included with the gift set
Chalk board tote bag with pocket for miniclip board- side one
Art totebag with chalk board on side two
Art totebag with star studded cover over chalk board- side two
W-Soft fleece taggie toys...lady bug, firefly, bumble bee
W- Soft fleece taggie toys..cow, pig, lamb
W- Fleece firefly taggy toy
W- Fleece cow taggie toy
W- Fleece pink pig taggie toy
W- Fleece lamb taggie toy
W Fleece lady bug taggie toy
W- Fleece bummblebee taggie toy
W- Milo's Art bag applique on bag with clip board and washable markers
W- Tote/carry-all bag with applique and name
W- Tote bag for doll clothes with applique and name
W- Doll clothes tote bag with applique and name
W- Ready-made Christmas stockings embellished with applique and embroidered cuffs
W- Soft fleece taggies animals-cow,pig, lamb
W- Soft fleece firefly taggie toy
W-Meet the owl family-Washable mini-pillows in the shape of an owl
W- Mini giraffe with braided tail
W- Mini Teddy bear with embroidery
W- Mini mouse with braided tail
W- Mini Monkey stuffed toy
W- Mini Pony stuffed toy
W- Mini Elephant stuffed toy
W- Mini duckie stuffed toy
W- Mini stuffed toy animal menagerie
W- Mini stuffed lolly dollies
W- Mini stuffed teddy bear with bib
W- Fabric notebook cover with embroidery
W- Owl pillow with embroidery
W- Maggie had a little lamb embroidered heart tummy lamb
W- Embellished Teddy bear
W- Doll blanket embellished with applique
W- Fleece doll blanket embellished with applique
Card table play house
Card table play house 2
Easter egg bags
Gund lamb with heart name tag