Kasy Custom Accents
Felt barrette clips in Christmas tree and gingerbread motifs
Sparkle flowers and butterflies for walls, shoes, clothing
Miniclip barrette set with strawberries and sets with monograms
Miniclip barrette set with bumble bees and set with birds and a nest
Miniclip barrette set with Easter Eggs and set with hopping bunnies
Mylar butterflies for hair, clothing or the wall
Embroidered owl and strawberry hair snap clips
Set includes stretchy hair band with Kanzashi flower and mini tote bag with coordinating flower applique
Summer - Fourth of July Head band embellished with a Kanzashi Flower
Summer - Fourth of July Set includes mini tote bag embellished with button and stretchy head band with patriotic colors of a Kanzashi flower
W- Hairband with YoYo flower ornament
W- Hairband with Kansashi flower ornament
W- Cotton YoYo flower barrettes
W- Cotton and silk hair barrette/clips
W- Halloween YoYo Hair clips
W- Christmas Tree hair clips in cotton
W- YoYo cotton hair clips
W- Fun corker ribbon YoYo hair clips for the holidays
W- YoYo Hair clips
W- Ribbon barrette/hair clip
W- Snowflake hair clips with bead center
W- Cotton flower barrette with sparkle and fringe embellishment
W- Cotton flower hair clips with fringe trim
W- Ribbon pinwheel alligator clip barrettes with button centers
W- Pinwheel ribbon barrettes- 3 1/4
W- Pinwheel ribbon hair clips over 3 inches
W- Lavender hair bows (alligator clips) with butterfly centers
W- Crayon box and ribbon hair clips
W- Hair clips pair-I Love School with ribbon background
W- Ribbon and embroidery hair clips (pair)
W- Applique embellished Fall headband
Turkey head pins